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Airbnb & Ghost Hotels
Geospatial Data Analysis and Urban Design

Team: Tianyu Su, Yunhan Zheng, etc

Advisor: Eric Huntley

# Spatial Analysis, Machine Learning, Panel Regression, Web Mapping

From 2009, short-term rentals like Airbnb growing statewide, which poses serious questions to local communities and city decision-makers. In this research, we dug into four research questions by spatial clustering (DBSCAN) and propensity score matching:

1) Where is Airbnb activity located? And how is it changing?

2) Who makes money from Airbnb? And how much are they making?

3) How much housing has Airbnb removed from the market?

4) What are the monetary incentives for the Airbnb hosts to lease their short-term rental listing as entire homes, rather than private rooms?

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