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LivingLine (Ongoing)
Geospatial Data Analysis, Dynamic Simulation, UI/UX, and AR

Team: City Science Group, MIT Media Lab

# Data Analysis, Machine Learning, Localization,

Augmented Reality, 3D Design and Modeling

LivingLine Shanghai is a version of the MIT CityScope platform for urban analysis, efficient resource utilization, and spatial programming. I am leading the Wi-Fi data analysis and helped build the tangible, augmented reality platform used to visualize complex urban relationships, simulate the impact of multiple urban interventions, and support decision-making in a dynamic, iterative, evidence-based process. 

CityScope: City Science researchers are developing a slew of tangible and digital platforms dedicated to solving spatial design and urban planning challenges. The tools range from simulations that quantify the impact of disruptive interventions in cities to communicable collaboration applications. We develop and deploy these tools around the world and maintain open-source repositories for the majority of deployments. "CityScope" is a concept for shared, interactive computation for urban planning.

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