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Tailor to Fit (Ongoing)
Transportation Research and Choice Modeling

Team: MIT Office of Sustainability, MIT Urban Mobility Lab

Supervisor: Prof. Jinhua Zhao, Dr. Julie Newman,

Dr. M. Elena Renda, John P. Attanucci

# Data Analysis, Machine Learning, Web Mapping

Increasing commuting time and costs due to congestions and fixed working hours have long been a problem for faculty and employee. Also, The institutions are troubled by the difficulties of providing enough heavily subsidized parking. However, based on the MIT Commuting Survey, individual model choices and their responses towards the same TDM like AccessMIT vary a lot, which allows us to think about specific targeting programs for different subgroups. 

With the belief in mind that institute-wide TDM program may not fit everyone, I start to look at the possibility of “tailored and targeted” commute-related recommendations and programs, by looking at a case study project related to Commute Behavior Preferences Reshaping and Mode Shift Potentials at MIT.

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