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Panyu Interactive
Geospatial Data Analysis and Urban Design

Team: Tianyu Su, Hongyu Zhou, Wenxin Yan, etc

Advisor: Prof. LONG Ying

# Urban Design, Spatial Analytics

As the host venue for Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF), the Shanghai Film Center (SFC) and its surroundings, the Panyu-Xinhua area, have been used as a significant culture space. Nevertheless, they failed to undertake the requirements for modern spatial quality by the Film Festivals through the 20th century.


Firstly, through researches of macroscale data, we oriented the future prospect of the site within the development process of Shanghai. Then by analyzing multisource data (Tencent, Weibo, Flickr and Dianping), we figured out the existing problems and potentials of the infrastructure system, walkability and daily life of this site. Also by comparing four aspects of 12 A-level film festivals worldwide and street images rating, we relocated SFC in the series of holding venues for film festivals. Finally we intended to create a more future-oriented and human-scale Panyu-Xinhua site by proposing a pedestrian-friendly walking system and interactive installations. 

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